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Our team consists of fully accredited and licensed instructors and personal trainers. Our instructors, trainers and fitness coaches bring years of experience in fitness, personal training and nutrition. We ensure you will find a trainer whose style and personality best suits you and your fitness goals.

Jane has been teaching aerobics and personal training for 20 years. She is an incredible asset to the facility and has extensive energy and a vast knowledge of all aspects of fitness. She currently teaches everything from water aerobics to indoor cycling. Her passion is to uplift, motivate, and push each person to his/her limits. She loves everything about fitness and enjoys sharing her passion with others.

John has been an instructor for the past 10 years and has been at companyName for a year now. He is certified in a variety of programs including step, spin, kickboxing, and circuit training. John enjoys encouraging and working alongside others and helping them to achieve their fitness goals.